ISD is in the business of transforming capable sub-components (such as EO/IR cameras, Radars, GPS, ESM, Microwave downlinks, workstations, radios and mapping software) into higher value SmartIR™ solutions for customers.

Our personnel include qualified engineers, technicians and trainers who have developed decades of experience in the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance market around the world.

Some of our completed projects are listed below:

Mexican Air Force SATCOM and FLIR installation
Oklahoma State Police – Upgrade and integration of video downlink
Alyeska Pipeline – Integrated sensor system training
Algerian Navy – Star SAFIRE III training
Connecticut State Police – Installation and integration of FLIR Ultra 8500 and BMS video downlink system
Installation of EO/IR and related equipment
Pierce County and Hillsboro Aviation – Installation of FLIR Ultra 8500, BMS microwave and Churchill Navigation systems
Integrated Star SAFIRE HD and MERLIN map solution in Mexico and Peru
Integration solution for FLIR Star SAFIRE 380 HD
Indonesia Air Force & Navy – Selected to supply and integrate the MERLIN Mission Suite of FLIR, Radar, ESM and AIS
Installing Harris Radios under FMS contract
US & Turkey – Installations of Star SAFIRE 380 HDs
Hillsboro Aviation – Installation of FLIR Star SAFIRE 380HD, Cartenav AIMS HD
Mexican Air Force – Installation of FLIR Star SAFIRE 380 HD, Cartenav AIMS HD
NASS Thailand – Installation of FLIR Corona 350, cartenav AIMS HD, and Visilink downlink systems
Installation of FLIR Star HD and Churchill Navigation systems
Wyoming Civil Air Patrol – Installation of FLIR 8500
Installed Wescam MX-10, Churchill Naviation, and Cobham downlink systems
Department of Justice – Installation of a Wescam MX-20HD
Guatemalan Air Force. Intallation of Star SAFIRE HD
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FAA Approved Console STC 

FAA Approved Console STC 

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