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Total ISR Training

Total ISR Mission System Simulator, crafted by Integrated Surveillance and Defense is designed around your specific airframe and equipment to deliver mission specific training to your crew, operators, and control staff.

Save money and increase aircraft availability by reducing airframe hours, engine cycle times, crew scheduling, fuel charges and maintenance costs.


Custom-built and preprogrammed training scenarios allow the operators to fly and train in the local area without using actual aircraft time, regardless of weather.

ISD Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) Flight Deck

The new Advanced Aviation Training Device is now available with more functionality and improved ergonomics. The AATD has all-metal construction, dual linked controls, a 225 degree integrated immersive visual system, dynamic control loading (pitch/roll), 530 WAAS GPS, audio panel with digital altitude pre-select, annunciator panel, panel back lighting, and intercom.

PC 12                                       Caravan                                 King Air                                                      CASA

All aircraft simulators are FAA approved training devices.

Networked & Configurable Simulators
ISD has developed a networked training solution integrated with the ISD AATD, aircraft cockpit-configurable flight simulator, providing a comprehensive Crew Resource Management (CRM) training platform. Configure the aircraft simulator for training in the King Air 200-350 series, Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Caravan and Casa airframes. From basic functions of the ISR system components through advanced operational tactics, your simulator’s capabilities are organized around a unique combination of networked, tested and proven ISR components unique to your simulator system. A custom-built mission system simulator is configurable to train a broad level of personnel; from your newly selected specialists, up through the most experienced senior mission commanders and flight crews.

Gimbal Imaging Simulation Training (GIST)

The Gimbal Imaging Systems Trainer (GIST) is a complete EO/IR training solution for operators of a wide range of airborne, land and maritime imaging systems and integrated moving map displays. A stand-alone GIST is also available in several configurations and is capable of displaying a variety of simulated turrets and can be interfaced with a variety of Image Generation, Mapping and Ancillary systems. Preprogrammed training scenarios allow operators to fly and train using realistic representations of the local or deployed areas of operation using highly detailed country specific, real-world graphic images. Simulations can be stopped, replayed and analyzed, allowing trainee performance to be reviewed in real time, thus preparing personnel for situations before they execute their mission.

Custom Training Materials

 ISR system training courses are developed by an experienced and qualified design team, and delivered using a blended approach of e-learning, instructor led training and hands-on instruction. These courses provide structured and comprehensive training in all aspects of sensor operations, from basic theory to operational employment of the platform. Targeted training is available for numerous systems and operational missions, and is delivered either on-site at your desired location, or our Wilsonville, Oregon location.

System Operator and Mission Commander Stations

Additional Operator Workstations can be added to your Mission Simulator to represent your Analyst Stations and for simulated access to the Command Center.

Total ISR Training Saves Time and Money

● Reduce Engine Cycle times

● Save Aircraft Hours

● Reduce Direct Operating Costs

● Easily Repeat Critical Training Concepts

● Practice Important Procedures

● Pause training scenarios and review mistakes

● Integrated Instructor Station

● Crew Readiness Training 24 hours a Day

● Switch from Introductory and Advanced Training Instantly

● Increase Aircraft Availability

● Decrease Maintenance Costs

● Improve Mission Crew Capability

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