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Whether your mission is to provide air, maritime, or land based surveillance systems or to outfit your aircraft, boat, or vehicle with a surveillance package or thermal imager, our US FAA certified electrical and mechanical installers will ensure you have an excellent outcome. The following list outlines our broad product offerings:


  • EO/IR Systems

  • Search Radars

  • Microwave downlink installation

  • Satellite uplink installation

  • Integrated Tactical Management systems

  • Radios, avionics

  • Ground surveillance networks


  • Surveillance Systems installation
    and integration

  • Fixed wing

  • Rotary wing

  • Ground vehicles

  • Boats and ships

  • Land based


Brochure Library (Click on Images)

Fixed Wing Aircraft
Rotary Wing Aircraft

Custom Consoles and Equipment Racks

With our in-house Engineering department, we can design and manufacture a custom operator console and equipment rack to meet your specific mission needs. We can additionally install and configure airborne mission management or moving map systems that will enable you to meet your mission objectives.

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