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ISD Will Come to You to Meet Your Surveillance Needs

Whether you’re at a fixed site, or you need timely information for your airborne, maritime, or land vehicles, get cutting-edge security from our professional staff. ISD personnel have extensive experience in military, aviation, and aircraft sensor systems integration and can provide FAA-certification where applicable. Our extensive background includes over 20 years experience in sensor systems and aircraft manufacturing.

All Services at Your Location

Our experts provide installation services wherever you need it. We also provide customized training and service support to make sure your new system is fully functional and integrated according to your specifications.

Airborne Platforms

Customized solutions to fit your requirements


Our professionals will install high-end cameras, radars and surveillance sensors on your aircraft as stand alone systems. Or, your sensor suite can be fully integrated with your existing on-board navigation and control systems. ISD routinely provides custom operator stations, mapping systems, video recorders and displays for on-board operators and pilots. In many cases, ISD professionals also provide secure downlink capabilities for real-time video, voice and vital sensor related information to decision makers and interested parties on the ground.

Land Vehicles


Our installation experts can give your land vehicles the same high-quality surveillance capabilities as that provided for airborne and maritime craft.

Maritime Craft

Small Boats to Grey Ships

ISD is fully capable of installing sensor components and integrated systems in marinized environments. With integrated electro-optical sensors and monitors on your ship’s bridge, your captain will have 24/7 visibility on his surroundings. With EO/IR sensors in the mix, a radar blip can be visually evaluated at a safe distance; giving the captain and crew critical time to take appropriate action. Sensor activities can be recorded as well.

Fixed Sites


Perimeter security sensors can also be installed and integrated with your existing data transmission systems and controls. ISD professionals will come to your location and can turn-key an entire surveillance system capability if needed.

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